Aroma and Flavor Molecules

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Presented in this category are the professional components used in the Flavor and Fragrance Industry.
They are single molecules, not blends, and are not diluted except where specified. These are not "perfume oils",
which are prediluted blends of these components. They are single molecules used in advanced professional perfumery. Some of them are crystals or solids. Many of them do not have a pleasant scent when not diluted. Some of them do not have much scent at all, but instead affect a perfume in subtle ways.

ALL of them are meant to be diluted before applying to the skin, these are not "ready to apply" Perfume Oils

The CAS number is a unique identifier for each molecule.
FEMA (Flavor and Extract Manufacturer's Association) numbers are assigned to molecules
that are used in both the Flavor and Fragrance Industry

The descriptions listed for these ingredients are not my own, they are gathered from a variety of sources, and are not to be taken as definitive.

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