Indole (Pure) Crystals **

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Indole (Pure) Crystals **

Indole (Pure) Crystals **


Fragrance Family: Animalic
Odor Description: Animal, floral, moth ball, musky

This is a synthetic ingredient, NOT natural. For the natural Indole, we sell it in diluted form only. Please Click Here to go to Indole (Natural) 1% in Alcohol.

Use Level: 1.00 % solution or less

Chemical Properties:
Chemical Name: 1-benzazole
Formula: C8-H7-N
Molecular Weight: 117.15 g/mol
Vapour pressure (25ºC) 0.03 mm Hg
Boiling Point: 253 °C
Appearance: White, lustrous, flaky, crystalline Solid

CAS #: 120-72-9
FEMA #: 2593

Hazardous Material for Transport

Safety Data Sheet