Adoxal (Givaudan)

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Adoxal (G)

Adoxal (Givaudan)

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ADOXAL (Givaudan); aka Farenal® (Symrise)

Fragrance Family: Marine

Odor Description: Marine, Fresh, Aldehydic, Powerful, Floral.
Adoxal has a natural, ozonic aspect. Powerful, it must be used sparingly.

Usage: Blends extremely well with floral notes such as muguet and cyclamen, as well as with fruity and woody compositions. It can also be seen as having a typical "fresh linen" odor.

Use Level:
 Up to 5%


Tenacity on blotter: 2 days
Burning effectiveness: Good
Substantivity Damp: Moderate
Substantivity Dry: Poor

Chemical Properties:
Chemical Name: 2,6,10-Trimethyl-9-undecenal
Formula: C14H26O
Molecular Weight: 210.4
Vapor Pressure: 0.0040 hPa
Boiling Point: -
Appearance: Colorless Liquid

CAS # 141-13-9