Lindenblossom Givco 151/7

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Lindenblossom (G)

Lindenblossom Givco 151/7


Out of stock until April 10, 2023.

Lindenblossom Givco 151/7 is a reformulation of Lindenblossom Givco 151, which is no longer available. We found that this new reformulation performed similarly to its predecessor in olfactory and GC comparisons of the two.

(Previously named "Givaudan (Givco) Specialty Base # 151"  & "Lindenblossom (G)" prior to that on our site)

Odor Description: 
Floral, Green, Fresh, Deep, Lily-of-the-Valley. The creation of Lindenblossom Givco 151 PMF was inspired by an exclusive Givaudan aromachemical and the perfume that surrounds blooming linden trees in early summer. Lindenblossom Givco is used as a central note in formulas but at the same time is also very effective in the top notes and the dry down.

Use Level: Up to 10%; 4% in a violet accord adds a pleasant floral volume.

Manufacturer: Givaudan

CAS # (Mixture)

Safety Data Sheet