Methyl Anthranilate (50% in BB) **

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Methyl Anthranilate Extra FCC

Methyl Anthranilate (50% in BB) **


Please note that the name of this product has been changed, but it is the same product we have been selling for years.

50% dilution in Benzyl Benzoate (BB)

Musty, fruity and dry floral odor reminiscent of concord grapes.

Extensively used in many types of floral blends such as neroli and orange blossom, as well as in exotic compositions,gardenia, tuberose and jasmine, Methyl Anthranilate imparts warmth, volume and sweetness and is used in all types of perfumery.

CAS #: (Mixture):
50% Methyl Anthranilate - CAS # 134-20-3
50% Benzyl Benzoate - CAS # 120-51-4

Can use up to 20% of total concentrate.

Environmental Transportation Hazard

Safety Data Sheet