Silvanone® Supra (Givaudan)

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Silvanone® Supra (Givaudan)

Silvanone® Supra (Givaudan)


Fragrance Family: Musky

Odor Description: Musky, Sweet, Powdery, Animalic
Silvanone Supra is a sweet powdery animalic macrocyclic musk with aspects of nitromusk.

Usage: It is highly substantive and tenacious and can be used in all application areas to give a full body and long lasting effect. Silvanone Supra works well with woody and amber notes, adds richness to floral creations especially in the sophisticated white florals, spicy carnation and mellis/ambreine accords.

Use Level: Up to 20%

Tenacity on blotter: Several months
Burning effectiveness: Good
Substantivity Damp: Good
Substantivity Dry: Good

Chemical Properties:
Chemical Name:  Cyclohexadecanolide & Cyclopentadecanone
Formula: C16H30O2 & C15H28O
Molecular Weight: 254.0 & 224.0
Vapour pressure (20ºC): 0.0013 hPa
Boiling Point:  -
Appearance:  Colorless clear liquid

CAS #: (Mixture):
Cyclohexadecanolide - CAS #109-29-5
Cyclopentadecanone - CAS # 502-72-7

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