Guavanate (Bedoukian)

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Benzyl benzoate

Guavanate (Bedoukian)

​    Head / Top Note to Heart / Middle Note

Odor Description
Sweet, fruity, slightly woody notes with creamy dry-down.

Perfumery Usage
Sweet, Juicy tropical fruit notes, aromatic, slightly woody impression with a creamy Coconut dry-down.
Excels in mango and other tropical fruit compositions, adding complexity and depth.

Taste Description
Exotic, musty, tropical note, characteristic pink guava.

Flavor Use

Excellent for mango, guava, sweet part of durian, longan, grapefruit, melon, apple, banana, pineapple,
and other tropical flavors. Also may be used for coconut and dairy flavors.

Appearance: Colorless liquid
Recommended Fragrance Use Level: Traces - 2.0%
Recommended Flavor Use Level: 0.2 - 5 PP

CAS # 41654-15-3
FEMA # 4165

Safety Data Sheet