Aldehyde C-6 FCC (Hexanal) **

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Aldehyde C-6 FCC (Hexanal) **

Aldehyde C-6 FCC (Hexanal) **


Fragrance Family: Green

Odor Description: Green, Aldehydic, Grassy, Sharp, Waxy, unripened fruit, Leafy. 

Usage: Used in a wide variety of applications. It can bring a fresh raw note to fruit and vegetable blends, but also fatty ground note for brown, dairy or savory blends.

Use Level: 0.005 - 5 ppm
Can use up to 1% in a flavor concentrate.

Chemical Properties:
Chemical Name:  Caproic Aldehyde
Formula: C6H12O
Flash Point:  23ºC
Appearance:  Colourless liquid

CAS # 66-25-1
FEMA # 2557

Hazardous Material for Transport

Safety Data Sheet