Ambrocenide Crystals (Symrise)

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Ambrocenide Crystals (Symrise)

Ambrocenide Crystals (Symrise)


Fragrance Family: Ambery
Odor Description: Amber, woody, ambery
Powerful and long-lasting top to base booster; lends power to woody and ambery accords; gives radiance and enhances citrus and aldehydic notes at low use levels; propels musk notes to be perceived in the top notes; gives volume and strength to floral heart notes

Use level: Traces up to 2%

Substantivity Damp: Very Good
Substantivity Dry: Very Good

Chemical Properties:
Chemical Name: (4aR,5R,7aS,9R)-Octahydro-2,2,5,8,8,9a-hexamethyl-4H-4a,9-methanozuleno[5,6-d]-1,3-dioxole
Formula: C18H30O2
Molecular Weight: 278.44 g/mol
Vapour pressure (25ºC): 0.002 mm Hg
Boiling Point: 302 °C
Appearance: Pale white to white crystal

CAS #: 211299-54-6

Safety Data Sheet