Muscenone® (Firmenich)

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Muscenone® (Firmenich)


Fragrance Family: Musk

Odor Description: Musk, Animalic
A very elegant nitromusk type of odor reminiscent of Musk Ketone, with a slight animal but natural undertone.

Usage: Muscenone® is a very powerful musk with two facets. At low dosages (0.05 to 0.5%), it is a fragrance enhancer. Above this level, it is used for its musky character in addition to its boosting effect. It has excellent substantivity on fabric, hair and skin; imparting a musky, powdery, cosmetic softness.

Use Level:Up to 5%

Tenacity on blotter: 2 weeks
Burning effectiveness: Good
Substantivity Damp: Very Good
Substantivity Dry: Very Good

Chemical Properties:
Chemical Name: 5-Cyclopentadecen-1-one,3-methyl-
Formula: C16H28O
Molecular Weight: 236
Vapour pressure (20ºC): 0.003 Pa
Flash Point: >100°C
Appearance: Colourless to very pale yellow liquid

CAS # 63314-79-4

Safety Data Sheet