Treemoss TEC Fireco® (Firmenich)

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Treemoss TEC Fireco® (Firmenich)

Treemoss TEC Fireco® (Firmenich)

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Treemoss TEC Fireco®  is Firmenich product # 942626
Fireco® Mosses are a composition of natural extracts and synthetic molecules (some of which are captives) subjected to a highly technological process. They contain NO trace of natural Moss.

Odor Profile: Woody, Mossy, Resinous, and Persistent.
Odor Strength: Medium
Usage: Maximum recommended usage is < 2%
Substantivity: 200 hours

CAS# (Mixture)


More information from Firmenich:

Fireco® is a unique technical solution developed following close collaboration between Firmenich perfumers and the Natural Ingredients Innovation center in Grasse, FR.

Fireco® Mosses are used at a ratio of 1/1 versus natural Moss extracts.
Clearer in color than traditional natural extracts, it can be used in a greater number of applications.
The use of carrier (TEC) ensures perfect solubility and is convenient in automated workshops.