Ebanol® (Givaudan)

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Ebanol (G)

Ebanol® (Givaudan)


Fragrance Family: Woody

Odor Description: Woody, Sandalwood, Musky, Powerful.
Ebanol® has a very rich, natural sandalwood odor.

Usage: It is powerful and intense, bringing volume and elegance to woody accords and a diffusive sandalwood effect to compositions. Ebanol® is highly substantive on all supports.

Use Level: 0.5% - 5%

Tenacity on blotter: 3 weeks
Burning effectiveness: Good
Substantivity Damp: Good
Substantivity Dry: Good

Chemical Properties:
Chemical Name: 3-Methyl-5-(2,2,3-trimethyl-3-cyclopenten-1-yl)-4-penten-2-ol (& isomers)
Formula: C14H24O
Molecular Weight: 208.3
Vapour pressure (20ºC) 0.0013 hPa
Boiling Point: 283ºC
Appearance: Colourless liquid

CAS # 67801-20-1

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