Rhubofix® (Firmenich)

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Rhubofix® (Firmenich)


Rhubofix® (Firmenich)

Fragrance Family: Fruity

Odor Description: Complex woody, spicy, floral and fruity note. It has a zesty freshness and unique green rhubarb effect.

Usage: RHUBOFIX® has the ability to fill out a fragrance. It blends very well with woody, spicy, rose, bergamot and lavender notes.
With salicylates, interesting spicy effects can be obtained particularly if sweetened by heliotropin or similar materials.
It's delicate green-woody nuance also harmonizes effectively with citrus notes, in particular lemon and grapefruit.

Use Level: trace to 0.5%

Tenacity on blotter: 4 days
Burning effectiveness: Good
Substantivity Damp: Good
Substantivity Dry: Good

Chemical Properties:
Chemical Name:  rhubarb oxirane
Formula: C14 H20 O
Molecular Weight: 204.312
Flashpoint:  >200F
Appearance:  Colorless liquid

CAS # 41816-03-9

Safety Data Sheet