Lavender Aldehyde FCC (Bedoukian)

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Benzyl benzoate

Lavender Aldehyde FCC (Bedoukian)


Odor Description
Very powerful, natural, diffusive, herbaceous with a hint of cocoa, blueberry, bergamot, 
clary sage, and lavender overtones. 

Perfumery Usage
Powerful/diffusive, blends well with bergamot, clary sage, Lavender, citrus, great in fougere types.

Taste Description
Very good cocoa powder notes, dry, woody.

Flavor Use

Excellent for adding cocoa powder notes to chocolate. 
Imparts dry woody notes for blueberry and cranberry flavors.

Appearance: Pale yellow liquid
Recommended Fragrance Use Level: 1% - 5%
Recommended Flavor Use Level: 1 - 5 PPM

CAS # 35158-25-9
FEMA # 3406

Safety Data Sheet