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Creating Perfume - a beautiful and rewarding endeavor.
The Perfumer's Apprentice is proud to offer these educational kits to help students on their journey of scent exploration.

Whether you are a perfume "aficionado" looking for a way to learn about the ingredients used in perfume with our Perfumery Notes kit or a beginning perfumer looking to get started blending (see our Beginners Perfumery Set below),we have the kit that's right for you!

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  • Introduction to Perfumery Kit

    This Apprentice Perfumery Collection is all you need to begin exploring the fascinating world of professional perfumery.

    Unlike other Beginner's Kits on the internet, we supply you with the precise formulas for the blends in this collection, so that you can then continue your education into the "Masters" world of professional fragrance components. The continuation of this kit is the 'Beginners Aromachemical Kit.'


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  • Beginner's Aromachemical Kit**

    This kit is intended as an extension to our 'Introduction to Perfumery Kit.' This kit is a continuation into the professional aromachemicals used modern perfumery. It comes complete with formulas and the ingredients for making ten accords.

    Here is your chance to learn about the actual fragrance components that professional perfumers use today.

    Alert -- these are advanced materials, some are crystals and some are solids. Perfumers usually melt solids gently to liquify. Crystals are weighed into the formula.

    Be advised that a gram scale that will measure to .01 will be helpful and can be purchased online from many sources.
    Contains 52 professional perfumery components in 4ml bottles & 3 carriers/diluents in 15ml bottles
  • Perfumery Master's Kit

    Our 'Perfumery Masters Kit' Includes 24 Pre-selected proprietary blends designed by the esteemed perfumers at Givaudan, Firmenich, IFF, Bedoukian, Symrise, etc. 

    The kit includes the instructions and tools necessary to create your own professional grade fragrance. Please click on the product name for additional information regarding the contents of this kit.

    ** This kit does not come in a "gift" box **
  • Perfumery Notes Kit **

    Created especially for those interested in learning about perfumery "notes", we present 40 of the most popular ingredients used in perfumery, pre-diluted and ready to sniff! This kit is perfect for lovers of fine perfume who wish to learn more about some of the ingredients that are actually used. Learn about the history of perfumery and use of many of these notes.

    For those who would like to simply purchase the literature provided in this kit, you may choose to purchase the book separately as a hard copy or as an E-book.

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  • Natural Perfumery Beginner's Kit**

    This Natural Perfumery Beginner's Kit contains the basic essential oils recommended for a beginning natural perfumer. Pair this kit with our Natural Kit #2 for a complete natural palette.

    We recommend the book "Essence and Alchemy" by Mandy Aftel as a great introduction to Natural Perfumery.Our natural kits are meant as a companion to this book, and these kits do not come with a tutorial.

    For additional instruction regarding Natural Perfumery, we encourage you to visit Mandy Aftel's website, for more workbooks, resources, and Natural Perfumery Products.

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  • Natural Perfumery Kit #2**

    Made up of precious essential oils and absolutes, this kit is an extension to our Natural Perfumery Beginners Kit.

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  • Perfume Party Kit**

    Host your own scent event!

    The Perfume Party Kit comes two options:
              A) Default: 12 pre-selected fragrance oils (listed below) that offer balance and broad choices.
              B) Custom: 12 fragrance oils of your own choosing.

    The kit includes the instructions and tools necessary to have your own Perfume Party. 
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    ** This kit does not come in a "gift" box **

    Intended for ages 12 and older

  • Beard Oil Kit**

    Treat your beautiful, bad-ass mane of manliness to our Beard Oil Kit. This kit allows you to customize your beard oil blend with aromatics that complement your beard's unique personality.  

    Kit Includes a premium Beard Oil Base (Argan, Jojoba & Grapeseed Oil), 12 rugged essential oils and aromatics, and some blending tools. (Click 'Beard Oil Kit' above for more details).