Lilyflore® (Firmenich)

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Lilyflore® (Firmenich)

Lilyflore® (Firmenich)


Lilyflore® (Firmenich); aka 2,5-dimethyl-2-indan methanol
Fragrance Family: Floral

Odor Description: Floral, lily, muguet, lilial
A beautiful muguet floral note between Hydroxycitronellal, Lilial and Lyral

Chemical Properties:
Chemical Name:  2,5-dimethyl-2-indan methanol
Formula: C12H16O
Molecular Weight: 176.26 g/mol
Vapour pressure (20ºC): < 0.1 mm Hg
Boiling Point:  280 °C
Appearance:  White liquid that could crystallize

CAS #285977-85-7

Safety Data Sheet