Isolongifolanone (Givaudan)

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Isolongifolanone (Givaudan)

Isolongifolanone (Givaudan)


Fragrance Family: Woody
Odor Description: Fresh woody note, dry and diffusive with rich amber quality

Tenacity on blotter: 240 hours
Burning effectiveness: -
Substantivity Damp: -
Substantivity Dry: -

Chemical Properties:
Chemical Name: 2,2,7,7-tetramethyltricyclo(,6))-undecan-5-one
Formula: C15H24O
Molecular Weight: 220.35548 g/mol
Vapour pressure (25ºC): 0.003 mmHg
Boiling Point: 286.75 °C
Appearance: Clear pale yellow liquid

CAS # 23787-90-8

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