Frequently Asked Questions

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What are Hazmat Fees/Items (Items marked with a ** or *** in the name)?


What are these new symbols on my bottles?


Why do flavors change color?


What are the dimensions for the new black caps for 4oz & 16oz bottles?


How to Check Order Status and how quickly do we ship


Do we have minimums for ordering?


What payment methods do we accept?


Shopping cart security


Flavor Inhalation Safety


Shipping Methods


Flavor Specification Sheets, MSDS/SDS and Certificates of Analysis


Do we have a Retail Store?


Our Hours and Location


Shelf life and storage of flavors


Returns Policy


When I use Internet Explorer Version 11 as my browser, on the Perfumer’s / FlavorApprentice shopping page, the pulldown menus freeze and the page doesn’t function. What’s wrong?

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