Norlimbanol® (Firmenich)

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Norlimbanol a.k.a Timberol

Norlimbanol® (Firmenich)

    Base Note

Norlimbanol® (Firmenich); aka Karmawood™ (IFF), Timberol® (Symrise)

Fragrance Family: Woody

Odor Description: Extremely powerful woody and animal amber note. NORLIMBANOL™ has a dry woody note in the patchouli direction

As described by Chandler Burr, "Norlimbanol is one of the most amazing scents around, a genius molecule that should be worth its weight in gold; Norlimbanol gives you, quite simply, the smell of extreme dryness, absolute desiccation, and if when you smell it, you'll understand that instantly—the molecule is, by itself, a multi-sensory Disney ride."*

Usage: up to 2% in the fragrance concentrate

CAS # 70788-30-6

Safety Data Sheet