Javanol® (Givaudan)

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Javanol (G)

Javanol® (Givaudan)



Fragrance Family: Woody

Odor Description: Woody, Sandalwood, Creamy, Rose, Powerful.
Javanol® is the latest generation of sandalwood molecule with unprecedented power and substantivity. It has a rich, natural, creamy sandalwood note like beta santanol combined with some rosy nuances.
This is not a sandalwood recreation however. For a direct sandalwood replacement, see or our Sandalwood Key Accord in the Bases & Blends section of our website.

Usage: It can be used at very low dosage (below 0.1%) to bring richness and creaminess to all types of accords. With its exceptional low threshold, Javanol® is approximately 8 times more effective in wash tests than the most powerful sandalwood product. Its very good stability, mainly due to the complete absence of double bond, makes it suitable for all applications except bleach.

Synergies: 20% Javanol® + 80% Nectaryl = Reminiscence of a pencil freshly carved at school... surprising inflections of peach and patchouli enrich this imprinting smell.

Use Level: Traces - 2%

Tenacity on blotter: 1 month +
Burning effectiveness: Good
Substantivity Damp: Good
Substantivity Dry: Good

Chemical Properties:
Chemical Name: [1-Methyl-2-[(1,2,2-trimethylbicyclo[3.1.0]hex-3-yl)methyl]cyclopropyl]methanol ((Mixture) of diastereoisomers)
Formula: C15H26O
Molecular Weight: 222.3
Vapour pressure (20ºC): 0.0003 hPa
Boiling Point: 268ºC
Appearance: Colourless viscous liquid

CAS # 198404-98-7

Safety Data Sheet