Welcome to all enthusiasts of food, drink, and culinary applications (both novice and seasoned)! Here you will encounter many different recipes and applications of our flavors  to baking, confectionary, cocktails/mocktails, coffee, Soylent, nutritional shakes, and molecular gastronomy.

Flavor Concentrates are blends of various materials, both synthetic and natural, that are usually diluted in a food-safe solvent. The most common carriers for flavor are Propylene Glycol, Ethanol (drinking alcohol), Vegetable Glycerin (glycerol), and Triacetin. The flavor blends we offer are very concentrated, and are not meant to be ingested directly without diluting; they are meant to be used as flavoring agents for many types of applications. If you would like to learn about how concentrated flavors are made and what they are comprised of, please visit our ‘Flavorist’s Corner’ for more information. 

Ready to Start Flavoring? Bear in mind that many of the flavors do not taste as intended in their concentrated state. The Flavor concentrates generally aren't at full potential until they have been diluted down to at least below 50%, some as low as 1%. When you use a flavor concentrate in a recipe, you want to use it in very sparing quantities. If a flavor is added in too high of a concentration, they can taste excessively bitter or "artificial" and ruin a recipe. Remember to add gradually and taste your creation frequently!

The ideal amount of flavor concentrate necessary to create a delicious food or beverage varies by flavor, application, and is ultimately subjective. The most important thing is that you like the end result, so have fun and experiment! Our 4ml size bottles are often included with a small disposable 1ml pipette. If you wish to introduce the flavor to your culinary creation using drops, the 1ml pipette is an excellent tool, as it allows precise measurements and a very forgiving ratio. Remember to record what works for your recipes, and feel free to share them with us!

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