Delphol HC (Firmenich)

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Delphol HC (Firmenich)

Delphol HC (Firmenich)


Fragrance Family: Floral
Odor Description: Floral, jasmine, green
This green, floral/ jasmine, fruity note has a slight cis-jasmone note. It is reminiscent of Magnolia and Tea with slightly fruity undertones.
The molecule can be used as a building block and is affordable, powerful, and elegant. Excellent in floral and fruit fragrances. Enriches the family of white floral notes. Excellent stability.

Use level: 10.00 % solution or less

Tenacity on blotter: 48 hours
Burning effectiveness: -
Substantivity Damp: -
Substantivity Dry: -

Chemical Properties:
Chemical Name: 2-pentyl-Cyclopentanol
Formula: C10H20O
Molecular Weight: 156.27 g/mol
Vapour pressure (20ºC): 0.3 mm Hg
Boiling Point: 222 °C
Appearance: Colorless liquid

CAS # 84560-00-9