Calone® 10% (Firmenich) (DPG)

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Calone® 10% (Firmenich) (DPG)

    Base Note

Calone® Crystals (Firmenich) 10% Dilution in Dipropylene Glycol (DPG)

Fragrance Family:

Odor Description: Ozone, Marine, Green.
This unusual odorant has intense ozone and marine notes with floral overtones.

Usage: Calone is very trendy and has been widely used since the 1990's. It is the basis of several perfumes.

Use Level: Up to 5%

Tenacity on blotter: 2 days
Burning effectiveness: Good
Substantivity Damp: Good
Substantivity Dry: Good

Chemical Properties:
Chemical Name: 2-H-1,5-Benzodioxepin-3(4H)-one,7- methyl-
Formula: C10H10O3
Molecular Weight: -
Vapour pressure (20ºC): -
Flash Point: -
Appearance: Clear liquid

CAS # Mixture
10% Calone 1951 - CAS # 28940-11-6
90% Dipropylene Glycol - CAS # 25265-71-8


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