Terpineol Alpha (Natural)

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Terpineol Alpha (Natural)

Terpineol Alpha (Natural)

Heart/ Middle Note 

Terpene Classification: Monocyclic Monoterpenes
tilianol super (PFW)a-  terpineollindenol (IFF)

Appearance: Colorless viscous liquid to solid

Taste Description: Citrus woody lemon lime soapy
Odor Description: Pine, Terpene, Lilac, Citrus, Woody, Floral. Diluted: Nuances of Delicate floral and sweet lilac type become more noticeable.

Occurrence in nature: Ajowan, anise, allspice, apple, apricot, basil, bay leaf, bergamot, cassia, celery leaf, cinnamon, etc.

Use Level: Recommendation for usage levels up to 5.7% in the fragrance concentrate.

CAS # 98-55-5
FEMA # 3045

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