Dodecalactone Delta

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Dodecalactone Delta

Dodecalactone Delta; aka 6-heptyloxan-2-one

Fragrance Family: Gourmand
Odor Description: Fresh, sweet, metallic, peach, oily, coconut, buttery

Use Level: 12% in the fragrance concentrate

Tenacity on blotter: 336 hours
Burning effectiveness: -
Substantivity Damp: -
Substantivity Dry: -

Chemical Properties:
Chemical Name:  6-heptyloxan-2-one
Formula: C12 H22 O2
Molecular Weight: 198.31 g/mo
Vapour pressure (20ºC): < 0.1 mm Hg
Boiling Point:  140°C
Appearance:  Clear colorless liquid

CAS #: 713-95-1

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