Globacenide (Symrise)

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Globacenide (Symrise)


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Fragrance Family: Musk

Odor Description: Musk Blend, Cosmetic, Creamy, Balsamic.
This musk blend is a mixture comprised primarily of Globanone® (Symrise).

Use Level: 1 - 20%


Tenacity on blotter:     2 weeks
Burning effectiveness:     -
Substantivity Damp:     -
Substantivity Dry:     -

Chemical Properties:
Chemical Name:     -
Formula:     -
Molecular Weight     -
Vapour pressure (20ºC):     1 kPa at 50 °C
Flash Point:     93.3°C
Appearance:     Colorless to yellowish liquid to crystalline solid

CAS # Mixture

Safety Data Sheet