Phellandrene Alpha (Natural)**

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Phellandrene Alpha (Natural)**

Phellandrene Alpha (Natural)**


Terpene Classification: Monocyclic Monoterpenes
Synonyms: alpha-fellandrene, a-phellandrene dihydro-p-cymene

Appearance: Colorless to pale yellow clear liquid (est)

Taste Description: Terpenic, citrus lime with a fresh green note
Odor Description: Citrus, terpenic, slightly green, black pepper-like

Occurrence in nature: Allspice, anise star, basil, bay laurel, cardamom, carrot root, celery seed, etc.

Use Level: Recommendation for usage levels up to 8% in the fragrance concentrate.

CAS # 99-83-2
FEMA # 2856

Hazardous Material for Transport

Safety Data Sheet