Heliotropex N (IFF)

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Heliotropex N (IFF)

Heliotropex N (IFF)

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Out of stock for undetermined period of time due to inability to get this product from our vendor (updated 10/29/2020). 12/23/2020 update: vendor to receive more at the end of January 2021.  We'll update with a possible restock date when we have more information.

Heliotropex N (IFF) has a deep and mysterious exotic floral characteristic, with sweet, balsamic and spicy undertones, and has nuances of almond and berries. Heliotropex N (IFF) is an economical substitute for Heliotropine when used at 15%.

CAS # (Mixture)

General Usage Level: ≤ 15%
Flashpoint: 104° C (219.2°F)
Substantivity:  > 48 Hours

Safety Data Sheet