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  • Custom Blend (Prototype)

    Custom Blend (Prototype)

    This product is a service for EXISTING perfumery customers who have their perfume concentrate on file with us, and need a dilution (in alcohol) sent to them for evaluation.

    This service covers the cost of labor, dilution calculation, physical testing, alcohol and other diluents required to complete the blend. This service does NOT include special-order bottles, custom packaging (labels, boxes, etc) or fragrances based on concentrates that we do not already have in stock. If you are not using one of our stock bottles, then you must supply us with your desired bottles.

    Service cost is for any bottle size.

  • 5ml rollon

    Custom Blend (Roll-on bottle)

    Re-order the same 5ml roll-on of the scent you created at the Perfumer's Apprentice

    Please be sure to enter the scent name in the Comments section of the Shopping Cart Page.

    *** Note: Please only choose the more expensive option if your formula contains the more rare Rose Absolutes or Jasmine Absolutes.
  • Custom Blend (Perfume Spray Atomizer) **

    Custom Blend (Perfume Spray Atomizer) **

    Re-order the same fragrance you created at the Perfumer's Apprentice but in an upgraded bottle with an alcohol base.

    Please be sure to enter the scent name in the 'Order Notes' section of the Shopping Cart before you checkout

    NOTE: (Premium) Option only applies to formulas containing rare natural ingredients such as Sandalwood Mysore Essential Oil, Osmanthus Essential Oil, or Rose, Tiare, & Jasmine Absolutes.

  • Custom Blend 101

    Custom Blend (Concentrate)

    Custom Blend is a concentrated version of the fragrance you created at one of our Fragrance Creation boutiques.

    When ordering this product, please be sure to give us the name of your formula. Upon checkout after choosing your preferred shipping method, you will see a 'special instructions' box. Please enter your formula name here.

    This product is only available for fragrances that have been made at our Fragrance Creation boutique. PLEASE ALLOW 7-10 BUSINESS DAYS FOR PROCESSING BEFORE SHIPMENT.

    To learn more about our Fragrance Creation - Perfumery Workshops, click here.
  • Prescription Reorder (by arrangement)

    Prescription Reorder (by arrangement)

    This item is for prescription orders only

    Please select the premium option if your prescription contains natural sandalwood, rose, saffron or jasmine.

  • 2 ounce Body Mist

    2 ounce Body Mist

    2oz Body Mist in a semi-transparent purple plastic bottle with black spray pump and clear cap.

    Please include name of your perfume you made at our location, as well as your first and last name in the 'Order Notes' in your shopping cart so we can add your fragrance and ship your body mist as quickly as possible.
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