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Here you will see the services we have available to Perfumers and perfume enthusiasts at all levels of expertise.

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  • Smelling Experience

    This service is available to customers who would like to come to our Boutique in Scotts Valley and smell a collection of our ingredients prior to purchasing. 

    Rate: $35.00 per 30 min (1/2 hr)*

    *$35.00 fee is waived for every $100.00 or more worth of product a customer purchases. 

  • Reformulation Sample (30g)

    As part of our Compounding (Contract Blending) Service, we send out an evaluation sample for approval before blending up the minimum order (1 kg +). A single sample is included in the service free of charge.

    The 'Reformulation Sample' product is available if the Perfumer needs us to reformulate their blend.

    If reformulation is requested due to an error on our part, this fee would not apply.

    Please contact us for details: or
  • Fragrance Consultation

    Available exclusively at our Boutique in Scotts Valley, we are available to help you in constructing a personalized perfume with your input and guidance.

    This service is also for anyone who needs general guidance in regard to fragrance construction. (Click Product name above for more details)

    Rate: $100.00/hr (pro-rated in $25.00, 15-minute increments)

  • Compounding (Contract Blend)

    Change of Process as of June 2018

    Our Compounding (Contract Blending) Service is available to Artisan, Independent and Niche Perfumers at a Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ) of 1kg (1000 grams) of Fragrance Concentrate (not yet diluted in alcohol). This service is available to Perfumers who have already created their formulation, and need to outsource the blending of their concentrated fragrance formula. We do not require IFRA Conformity to Compound, however, we are happy to provide IFRA Conformity Certificates and EU Allergen Reports for your blend.

    Contract Blend Fee: $50.00 (includes quote and evaluation sample diluted to your desired %)
    * This fee is credited back if customer purchases 1 (or more) kilos. 

    Contract Blend + IFRA Screening Fee: $100.00 (includes IFRA Conformity Certificate, IFRA Compliance limits (per ingredient, quote, and evaluation sample diluted to your desired %). 
    * $50.00 of this fee is credited back if customer purchases 1 (or more) kilos.

    Click the product name above for more details.

    Please contact us for details: or

  • Artisan Perfume Lab

    Available exclusively at our Artisan Perfume Lab in Scotts Valley, CA.

    This Service is available to established Artisan, Independent & Niche Perfumers.

    Perfumers receive access to our entire fragrance (raw material) library, laboratory tools, safety equipment and Regulatory Services
    . Our goal is to offer Perfumers a cost-effective way to develop new blends in an industry-level environment without the overhead investment of building your own studio, and sourcing ingredients without knowing what they smell like. 

    1 Day - Rental Fee:  $500/day (1 business day)
    Multi Day - Rental Fee:  $350/day (2-5 business days)
    Multi Week  - Rental Fee:  $300/day (6+ business days)
  • Fragrance Analysis by GCMS

    ALERT 11/1/18: We are temporarily discontinuing this service due to a large project.

    We offer GC/MS (Gas Chromatography/Mass Spectrometry) analysis for perfume and flavor samples, providing you with a list of potential materials. The analysis will not provide specific concentrations of these components, but the percentages provided may be used as a rough guideline of the composition.

  • Custom Regulatory Documentation

    Let us produce a custom SDS sheet for your blended product to allow you to comply with regulations

    Regulatory Documentation Services Provided:

    SDS Form Creation

    IFRA Conformity Certificate 

    EU Allergen Reports