Flavor Packs

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These flavor packs are intended to introduce customers to a diversity of flavor profiles in a fun, affordable and thematic way. We hope you enjoy!

Each Flavor Pack contains 
six flavors in 4ml glass vials and 6 mini-pipettes. 

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  • 4ml Vial Carrier (15 slots)

    Display/Organizer stand that holds up to 15 4ml vials at a time. This is not glass.
    Vial carriers are NOT pre-assembled, so we include a complimentary screwdriver.

    Great for Perfumers and Flavorists!

    Highly recommended to be used with the 4ml Dropper style bottles as shown in photos. 
  • Crimper & Collar Press Kit

    Hand-Held Crimping Tool & Collar Fitting Tool Kit

    If you are starting a new perfume business, upgrading the quality of your perfume bottles and want to reduce your start-up cost as much as possible, this is the kit for you!

    Hand-Held Crimping Tool : Will crimp pumps from 13mm to 20mm.  Supplied with 2 collet sizes. Execution of bottle crimping is fast and simple making the tool ideal for small-scale production or lab use. A high-quality, multi-tooth crimp with a tight crimp seal every time, ensuring that crimps are long-lasting and reliable.

    Collar Fitting Tool: This is a low cost alternative to the press for fitting collars and crimpless pumps
    Very simple and easy to use.
  • Top 12 Flavor Pack

    This is a selection of our most popular flavors for general flavoring.

    4ml glass vials including 12 mini-pipettes:

    Included are: Bavarian Cream, Cheesecake Graham Crust, Dragonfruit, Graham Cracker Clear, Peach (Juicy), Peanut Butter, Pear, RY4 Double, Strawberry, Strawberry (Ripe), Sweet Cream, Vanilla Swirl
  • Candy Shop Pack

    Explore some iconic flavors of a Confiserie (without the sugar) in this guilt-free Candy Shop Pack. 

    4ml glass vials including 6 mini-pipettes:
     Caramel Candy, Gummy Candy (PG) Flavor, Rainbow Drops Flavor (NF), Red Licorice, Swedish Gummy Flavor, and Watermelon Candy Flavor.
  • Fruit Blast Pack

    Bright fresh, bursting fruit flavors all in one Fruit Blast Pack!

    Blueberry (Wild), Cantaloupe, Orange Mandarin, Peach (Juicy), Strawberry (Ripe), Watermelon.
  • Smokey Pack

    Unique, rich and sophisticated flavors that add that capture a perfect Smokey note!

    Cubano, Black Honey, Cigarillo, RY4 (Double), Turkish, Western
  • Sweet Tooth Pack

    A delectable array of classic and rich dessert flavors that can enhance and satisfy your Sweet Tooth!

    4ml glass vials including 6 mini-pipettes:
     Bananas Foster Flavor, Fudge Brownie Flavor, Orange Cream Bar Flavor, Red Velvet Cake Flavor, Pralines & Cream Flavor and Vanilla Bean Gelato Flavor.

  • Thirst Quencher Pack

    These Sweet drinks are classic favorites and great for satisfying your Thirst!

    4ml glass vials including 6 mini-pipettes:
    Cola Cherry Flavor, Ginger Ale Flavor (NF), Mojito Havana Flavor, Root Beer Float Flavor, Horchata Smooth Flavor and Mexican Liquer.
  • Tropical Paradise Pack

    Enjoy the exotic and unique fruit flavors of your favorite Tropical Paradise!

    4ml glass vials including 6 mini-pipettes:
    Acai, Coconut (Extra), Dragonfruit, Jackfruit, Mango, and Pineapple Juicy Flavor
  • DX 12 Flavor Pack

    This is a selection of our DX Flavors

    4ml glass vials including 12 mini-pipettes:

    Included are: DX Banana Cream, DX Bananas Foster, DX Bavarian Cream, DX Caramel Original, DX Cinnamon Danish, DX Coconut Candy, DX Hazelnut, DX Peanut Butter, DX Pralines and Cream, DX Red Velvet, DX Sweet Cream, and DX Vanilla Cupcake