Bases and Blends

Now in - Bases and Blends

Here you'll find pre-made "bases" or blends that could be a starting point for your explorations. Some of them will have a formula associated with them to enable beginning perfumers to learn more about the raw ingredients (Aroma Chemicals) that go into the creation of these blends.
As with our Aroma Molecules, these blends need to be diluted before applying to the skin!

Items marked with:

  • (G) Givaudan
  • (I) IFF (International Flavors and Fragrance)
  • (F) Firmenich
  • (S) Symrise
  • (PFW) PFW Aroma Ingredients
  • (BR) Bedoukian Research
  • (K) Indukern

Key Accord: Givaudan Blends that we make and include formulas for.


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