Narcotic Floral **

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Narcotic Floral **

Narcotic Floral **

Limited quantities available until June 30, 2023.

Narcotic Floral is a specialty accord created by Palette Natural

Fragrance Family: Floral Heavy

Signature Notes: Tuberose flower, lush humid green, jasmine sambac
Organoleptic Description: Velvety, sumptuous, creamy floralcy, citrus, damp green, intoxicating

Comments from Miriam Vareldzis, founder of Palette Naturals:
“A testament to it’s name, even while evaluating this accord one becomes ‘sedated by drowsiness or stupor’. The Narcotic Florals are heavy, rich, velvety, sumptuous, sweet, and sometimes cloying. They are usually night-blooming white flowers, beckoning to the nighttime pollinators. My Queen of Flowers, Tuberose, leads the way, accompanied by Jasmine, Orange Flower, YlangYlang, plus dark, sweet, milky notes to make this accord the cornerstone of your Floral library. The signature is a creamy, seductive Tuberose Floral.”

CAS #: Mixture

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