Oud Synth 10760 E (Firmenich) **

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Oud (Aloeswood) Blend (F)

Oud Synth 10760 E (Firmenich) **

  Base note.

Woody, Balsamic

A blended reconstitution of aloeswood, very true to the natural essential oil. Intensely woody, reminiscent of vetiver, with sweet balsamic undertones. For a softer oud, try the Black Agar blend, but this is the one closest to the natural.

*Formerly named 'Oud (Aloeswood) Blend (F),' This is a Firmenich Specialty Base. We changed the name to reflect what Firmenich calls it to avoid confusion. New Firmenich Catalogues assigned this product to # 184007. 

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