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Rich Woods **

Rich Woods **

Rich Woods is a specialty accord created by Palette Natural

Fragrance Family: Woods

Signature Notes: Virginia cedar, gurjum balsam, galbanum
Organoleptic Description: Grounding, warm, balsamic, sweet, creamy woods, earthy, green, musky

Comments from Miriam Vareldzis, founder of Palette Naturals:
“If you could combine the dry sweetness of Virginia Cedar, the earthy green depth of Galbanum, balsamic sweetness of Gurjum, and the damp-cave-clean-dirt of Patchouli, along with earthy facets of Vetiver and Elemi, you would have this magnificent forest of rich woods at your Olfactive service. And now you do.
Secret: I have been wearing this base on it’s own since it’s creation.”

CAS #: Mixture

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