Tonka Bean (Absolute) - 50% Alc**

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Tonka Bean (Absolute) - 50% Alc**


Tonka Bean Absolute (Venezuela)
Dipterix Odorata

This is a 50% dilution of an absolute blend of Tonka Beans from Venezuela that is manufactured by Robertet.

Although the Tonka Bean absolute has been diluted to 50%, this product will still crystallize / separate when cooled. To get the product back to a workable solution, place the (sealed) bottle in a bowl of hot water (from the tap is fine, not boiling) OR use a hot plate on a low setting until the crystals melt and the mixture falls back into solution. 

CAS #: (Mixture)
50% Tonka Bean (Absolute) - CAS # 8024-04-2
50% Ethyl Alcohol - CAS # 64-17-5

Hazardous Material for Transport

Safety Data Sheet