Civet Absolute (Synthetic) **

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Civet Absolute (Synthetic) **

Civet Absolute (Synthetic) **


Civet Absolute (Synthetic) 

Odor Description: Warm, Sensuous, Animalic and Musky

This material, like many 'absolutes' is thick and dark in color, and pours better when heated lightly. This synthetic version of 'Civet Absolute' can be off-putting and overbearing,  vile and slightly fecal. When diluted, however, it opens up into notes of musk, smoke and sweet heady animalic notes. This material has extreme tenacity that in trace amounts will add soft velvet, animalic and musk qualities to many perfume bouquets and is a natural fixative.

Appearance: Dark yellow orangey viscous product to solid

Use Level: Can use up to 10% in the fragrance concentrate.

CAS#: Mixture

Safety Data Sheet