Apprentice Fixative Base**

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Apprentice Fixative Base**

Apprentice Fixative Base**


Fragrance Family: Musk

Odor Description: Powerful, Musky, Ambergris, Dry, with Amber and Wood nuances.
Our proprietary fixative is powerful, highly substantive and stable, creating a radiating effect and is intended to enhance other musks and bases when blended with it. It is a combination of macrocyclic musk and the most sophisticated fixative ingredients from Givaudan, IFF, Symrise, & Firmenich.

Ambroxan: < 5%
Ambrettolide: < 1%
Ambrocenide 10% TEC: < 1%
Amber Xtreme: < 1%
Benzyl Benzoate: > 95%

Use: Boosts Notes from base to top, adds volume to delicate florals, provides complexity, longevity and balance to your creations. 

Usage: 0.01% to 5%

CAS# Mixture

Environmental Transportation Hazard

Safety Data Sheet