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Citrus A **

Citrus A **

Citrus A is a specialty accord created by Palette Natural

Fragrance Family: Citrus

Signature Notes: Bergamot, lime, grapefruit
Organoleptic Description: Energetic, uplifting, zesty, dry, tart, fresh, crisp

Comments from Miriam Vareldzis, founder of Palette Naturals:
“Citrus scents are nearly always described as happy, playful, energetic, uplifting, effervescent notes. When you look a little closer, you start to discern there are juicy citrus like Tangerine, tart citrus like Lemon, sweet citrus like Orange, even dry citrus, depending on the fruits used.

Our Citrus A accord is a dry, sophisticated Citrus which is led by Bergamot and Grapefruit Peel. These oils offer a dry-tart experience creating lift and cool airiness. This blend lends itself well as an introduction to fine fragrance, or as a facet of a more complex blend where the Citrus could create an impression rather than a signature. The Lime is of such a high quality that it supports the other notes without drawing the spotlight from their brilliance.”

CAS #: Mixture

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Hazardous Material for Transport

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