Sarriette Base (Firmenich)

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Sarriette Base (Firmenich)

Sarriette Base (Firmenich)


Firmenich Specialty Base: Sarriette Base 199618 D

Fragrance Family: Herbal (Aromatic)

Odor Description: Mint, Green, Grass, Fresh
Herbal-thuyonic specialty based on several Firmenich captive ingredients, and a powerful derivative of oxane. The base opens with aromatic herbal and dry notes similar to cypress, settles down to more green vegetal pepper notes. Fresh and long lasting.

Usage: Gives a very natural herbal touch and can also enhance other hearbal notes (lavender, rosemary, thyme). Due to its extreme power, very small amounts of Sarriette 199618 D have an obvious affect.

Use Level: Up to 10% in fragrance concentrate.

Tenacity on blotter: 1 week

Chemical Properties:
Flash Point (ºC):          149º F (65º C)
Boiling Point: -
Appearance: Colorless to Pale Yellow Liquid

CAS #: Mixture

Safety Data Sheet