Oud Maleki (Firmenich)

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Oud Maleki (Firmenich)

Oud Maleki (Firmenich)


Oud Maleki Natural Synthetic Specialty by Firmenich

Description: Woody and animalic . Very strong and longlasting, especially regarding the typical woody animalic facet of oud.

Well balanced association of ingredients, (natural extracts and synthetic molecules), some of which are captive, blended together to create an inspiring specialty. Compositions may be unique technical solution to create natural reconstitution. They are the result of a close collaboration between Firmenich perfumers and our Natural Ingredients Innovation Center in Grasse, France. The statements made on this page

Contains OUD ASSAFI™ @ 0.2%
Meaning: MALAKI means "Imperial" in Arabic

CAS #: Mixture

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