Birch Leaf Givco 166/2

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Birch Leaf Givco (G)

Birch Leaf Givco 166/2


Givaudan (Givco) Specialty Base # 166/2 (Replaces Birch Leaf Givco 166 as of 12/6/2019).
(Previously named 'Birch Leaf (G)' on our site)

Odor Description: Green, Herbaceous, Vegetable. 
In the sauna, the Scandinavians traditionally use birch twigs to stimulate the blood circulation. The characteristic fragrance of heated birch leaves in a sauna bath was studied using a multidimensional analytical process carried out by the research department at Givaudan. The results enabled them to create Birch Leaf Givco 166. This product is specially recommended for use in 'back-to-nature' concepts and for providing original freshness.

Use Level: Up to 20%; 2% adds a modern touch to masculine colognes and up to 3% brings a typical herbaceous/vegetable effect to shampoo and beauty care products.

Manufacturer: Givaudan

CAS # (Mixture)

Safety Data Sheet