Oakmoss Givco 214/3

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Oakmoss (G)

Oakmoss Givco 214/3


Oakmoss Givco 214/3 is a reformulation of Oakmoss Givco 214, which is no longer available. We found that this new reformulation performed similarly to its predecessor in olfactory and GC comparisons of the two.

 (Previously named "Oakmoss (Givco) 214" & "Oakmoss (G)" prior to that on our site). 

 Odor Description: Oakmoss, Woody.

This blend is a well balanced, sophisticated, safe (as of 2007) synthetic oak moss reconstitution. This complex mixture containing patented Givaudan items accurately reproduces the effect of natural oak moss.
Can be used in the same applications and at the same dosage level as the natural extract. It provides warmth and volume to chypre and woody accords

Physical Description:  Amber yellow to straw yellow liquid that may solidify.  Heat gently to reliquefy if necessary.

CAS # (Mixture)

*WARNING: Price has doubled since we first began selling Oakmoss (G) in 2010. We had been selling at-cost, and absorbing the loss, but are now bringing the price to where we can earn a profit again.* 

Safety Data Sheet