Rich Amber

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Rich Amber

Rich Amber

Rich Amber is a specialty accord created by Palette Natural®

Fragrance Family: Amber gourmand

Signature Notes: Patchouli leaf, balsam peru, spice
Organoleptic Description: Enveloping, balsamic, sweet, caramel, honey, floral almond, woodsy

Comments from Miriam Vareldzis, founder of Palette Naturals:
“Of all the classifications within the Olfactive Genealogy, the one true accord has always been Amber. Many say it is perfumery’s rendition of the rich, warm, mammalian, powdery sweet aroma of Ambergris (of whale vomit fame; which technically is in the Animalic family). Sidenote: Amber has no relation at all with the fossilized yellow stone.

An Amber accord is not a formula set in stone, nor is it a single note, although it plays that role. Our Rich and Sheer Ambers are two interpretations of this enveloping Oriental base note.

Rich Amber is a complex balsamic, earthy, woodsy blend of unmatchable honey-caramel creaminess. A floral-almond nuance brings a Gourmand quality without any recognizable edible triggers.

Sheer Amber, by contrast, is the transparent version of it’s warmer heavier cousin. It is as if the heavy velvet drapery were pulled back to reveal a sheer diaphanous curtain overlooking the view. Tonka Bean is brought to light with Citrus Peel and Cinnamon Bark, two sparkling characters, offset by a lactonic peachy-apricot effect.”

CAS #: Mixture

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