Black Agar Givco 215/2

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Black Agar (G)

Black Agar Givco 215/2


Givaudan (Givco) Specialty Base # 215/2

Odor Description:
Givaudan (Givco) specialty base is ambery, olibanum and balsamic notes.

Use: Black Agar Givco is a
 reconstitution of Agarwood (Aloeswood), but softe. This ingredient adds sophistication and richness to a range of accords, including woody accords, ambers, and chypres, and is effective from the top note through to the bottom note. It is especially effective in men's colognes and in agarbatti.

Use Level: .5 to 5%  in the fragrance concentrate

Manufacturer: Givaudan

Natural Agarwood is a classical material used in perfumery. When this wood is infected by certain fungi, it develops dark streaks charged with an odiferous oleoresin. The darkest grade, black or true agar, resembles black stone because of the intense impregnation of oil. This resin is highly valuable due to its rich, complex, powerful, woody-ambery scent. It is, however, an extremely expensive material that is difficult to find. Black Agar Givco 215 reflects the particular scent of burning Agarwood chips.

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