Smoke - Key Accord**

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Smoke - Key Accord**

Smoke - Key Accord**


Fragrance Family: Wood

Odor Description: Campfire, Smoke, Dry Wood, Phenolic, Leathery, Burnt, Medicinal
This Accord was developed in-house to create a smoky campfire-like character. With the popular demand of our 'Valspice (4-Methyl Guaiacol), customers were wanting a more complex 'smoke' note, so we decided to make our own. This Accord has an off-putting indolic quality when smelled pure, so we recommend diluting it down to around 10-25% before evaluating for a blend.

Fragrance Formula; Available only in our Key Accord Creation Workshop (In-House).

CAS #: Mixture

Environmental Transportation Hazard

Safety Data Sheet