Perfume Party Kit**

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Perfume Party Kit

Perfume Party Kit**

15ml droppers are temporarily out of stock until July 22, 2020 due to pandemic-related shortages of product therefore we have lowered the price by $2.00 to make up for the difference.

Host your own scent event!

The Perfume Party Kit comes two options:
          A) Default: 12 pre-selected fragrance oils (listed below) that offer balance and broad choices.
          B) Custom: 12 fragrance oils of your own choosing. 

For larger groups, we recommend purchasing multiple kits.

If you would like to customize the "Perfume Party Kit," you can browse through our Fragrance Oil Category and choose 12 scents. ( )

You can list your choices in the Comments section of the checkout page at the bottom of your shopping cart.

** This kit does not come in a "gift" box **

Intended for ages 12 and older

Perfume Party Kit Includes:
12 - 15 ml. bottles of Fragrance Oils (with eyedroppers)
If you wish to use our default kit without choosing, you will receive the following fragrance oils:

Top Notes:
Apple, Bergamot, Coconut, Cucumber
Heart/Mid Notes:
Jasmine, Lily of the Valley, Plumeria, Rose
Base Notes:
Amber, Musk, Ocean Scent, Vanilla

10 -  instruction cards with blank formula sheets on the reverse side.
1 - 4 oz carrier oil (Fractionated Coconut Oil; a colorless, scentless fixed oil, produced by fractional distillation. Enough for 10-16 people.)
1 -  pack of 100 scent strips
1 - 25 pack of medium pipettes
10 - 5ml roll-on bottles (bottle,roller,cap) for your finished Perfumes.