Natural Perfumery Beginner's Kit**

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Natural Perfumery Beginner's Kit

Natural Perfumery Beginner's Kit**

This natural perfumery kit contains the basic essential oils recommended for a beginning natural perfumer. Pair this kit with our Natural Kit #2 for a complete natural palette.

We recommend the book "Essence and Alchemy" by Mandy Aftel as a great introduction to Natural Perfumery. Our natural kits are meant as a companion to this book, and these kits do not come with a tutorial.

For additional instruction regarding Natural Perfumery, we encourage you to visit Mandy Aftel's website, for more workbooks, resources, and Natural Perfumery Products. 

The kit contains:
15 - 4 ml bottles of natural essential oils and absolutes:

Bergamot (Bergaptene Free) Essential Oil (Italy)
Cedarwood (Virginia) Essential Oil
Clary Sage Oil, Russian P&N
Geranium Oil, Egypt P&N
Lavender Maillette, France P&N
Lime Essential Oil (Mexico)
Oakmoss Absolute 10% (Alcohol) (France)
Orange Bitter Essential Oil (Dominican Republic)
Patchouli Essential Oil (Indonesia)
Peru Balsam Oil Rectified P&N (El Salvador)
Rosewood (Bois de Rose) Essential Oil (Brazil)
Tarragon Essential Oil (South America)
Tonka Bean Absolute 50% (Alcohol) (Venezuela)
Vetiver Essential Oil (Indonesia)
Ylang Complete (Nosy Be) Essential Oil

This kit also includes the following perfumery supplies:
1 oz carrier oil (Fractionated Coconut Oil; is a colorless, scentless fixed oil, produced by fractional distillation)
1 pack of 100 scent strips
25 pack of medium pipettes
(6)- 5ml roll-on bottles (bottle,roller & cap) for your finished perfumes
(15) -extra 4 ml bottles