Perfumery Master's Kit **

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Perfumery Master's Kit **

 Our 'Perfumery Masters Kit' includes the following:

24 - 15 ml
 bottles (with eyedroppers) of proprietary fragrance house blends diluted to 10%.
This kit includes the following fragrance blends:

     Top Notes:
Apricot Essence (R), Cassis (G), Bergamot (G), Dewfruit (G), Intreleven Aldehyde (I), 
        Orange (Sweet) E.O., Peach Essence (R), Pink Peppercorn (AV) 
     Heart/Mid Notes:
Dorinia SA (F), Farnesol (S), Floralozone (I), Ivy Base (F), Jasmatone (G), Lavender Aldehyde (B), 
        Mimosa Olessence (R), Sampaquita (G)

     Base Notes:
Ultrazur (G), Amber Xtreme (I) 10%, Cuir Vitessence (PA), Globanone (S), Habanolide (F),
        Javanol (G), Oud Blend (F), Timbersilk (I).
Apprentice Fixative Base
20 - Instruction cards with blank formula sheets on reverse side.
2 - - 4 oz carrier oil (Fractionated Coconut Oil; a colorless, scentless fixed oil, produced by fractional distillation. 
Enough for 20-25 people.

2 -  25 packs of medium pipettes
24 - 15ml Glass droppers
20 - 5ml roll-on bottles (bottle, roller, cap) for your finished Perfumes.

** Items marked with:
                                (G) = Givaudan
                            (I) = IFF (International Flavors and Fragrance)
                            (F) = Firmenich
(S) = Symrise
(B) = Bedoukian
                            (R) = Robertet
(AV) = Albert Vieille
(PA) = Perfumer's Apprentice