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Perfumery Notes Kit

Perfumery Notes Kit **

Created especially for those interested in learning about perfumery "notes", we present 40 of the most popular ingredients used in iconic perfumes. The ingredients in our kit come pre-diluted and ready to sniff! This kit is perfect for lovers of main-stream perfume who wish to learn more about some of the ingredients that are actually used. Our kit gives the user insight to what makes perfumes "tick", and showcases certain ingredients that have gained momentum in the perfume industry over the years. Unlike most perfumery kits, we composed this with ease of use in mind, to aid lovers of fine fragrance to extend their knowledge of the raw components used in perfumery.

Although not specifically intended for blending, these notes certainly could be used in combination as fragrances.

The Perfumery Notes Kit comes with our reference booklet, Guide to Perfumery Notes,” which explains the significance of all of the ingredients in our kit. For those who would like to simply purchase the literature, you may choose to purchase the book separately as a hard copy or as an E-book
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